Victor has been a permanent resident for 20 years, but he is accused of bringing marijuana into the United States. If he is convicted, he will be deported. Victor has a great public defender to fight his criminal case, but who will help him in immigration court?

Jasmine is a single mother who is accused of fraud. The prosecutor wants her to spend a year in jail, and she is worried about what will happen to her children. Jasmine is concerned about her criminal case, but her main priority is her family.

Crossroads Justice Center of San Diego is a team that combines legal and social work experience to defend cases in court and to connect clients with other legal and social services they need. We offer flat fee, reduced-cost services, known as "low bono," on a sliding scale based on income or ability to pay.

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We help clients with many types of legal issues, but our primary practice areas are:

Criminal defense: We defend criminal cases in superior court in the San Diego area and in federal court in the Southern District of California. Charges include re-entry after deportation, importation of drugs, drug sales or possession, theft, fraud, resisting arrest, assault, and many others.

Removal/deportation defense: We defend people who have been served with Notices to Appear for removal proceedings in immigration court. We focus on cases where a criminal charge or conviction has caused immigration consequences. We represent people applying for asylum if they are currently in removal proceedings, and we represent people applying for relief for removal such as adjustment of status or cancellation of removal.

Family safety planning: We help people prepare for the possibility of deportation or incarceration by planning what will happen to their children and their property if they lose their freedom in the United States. 

Law enforcement accountability and civil rights: We offer information to people whose civil rights have been violated by law enforcement agents (police officers, agents, Border Patrol), and we sometimes provide representation in these cases. We also sometimes defend people whose property has been taken by the government in connection with a criminal case ("asset forfeiture").

Clearing and reducing criminal records: Past criminal convictions or charges can still affect people's lives years later, causing problems with employment, housing, or immigration. We give people information about sealing and expunging criminal cases, and about reducing felonies to misdemeanors under Prop 47

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